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Welcome to Lumilor Frame. LumiLor is premium, safe and efficient.

Our frames are constructed with the width and height measurement that you have specified and the preview will indicates you exactly what your frame will seem like on the wall. If you need your frame to hang within the opposite orientation than the one you see in the preview, simply switch the “width” and “height” measurements.

For example, a 24″ x 36″[w*h] frame would hang in the portrait orientation, but a 36″ x 24″ [w*h] frame would hang in the landscape orientation.

The differet type of cover materials in photo frames are Glass and Fibre. It is also possible for a photoframe to have no cover at all.

The different types of photo frames are Collage Photo Frames, Multi Photo Frames, Single Photo Frames (Decorative and standard) , Clip Photo Frames , Digital Photo Frames

LumiLor is a Light Emitting Coating (LEC) system which allows anything coated with it to illuminate. Electroluminescence simply means that an object is capable of emitting light when an electrical current is applied to it.

LumiLor is a multi-layer, sprayable, electroluminescent coating system consisting of backplane, dielectric, LumiColor, busbar, and Conductive Top Coat.

Collectively the entire application is known as The LumiLor Stack.

Backplane – Highly conductive low resistance material that allows the electrical current to be supported across the entire illuminated surface.

Dielectric – Insulation layer when applied over the backplane and under the busbar to insure there is no burning or shorting of the system.

LumiColor – Large particle material which emits light when under power.

Busbar – Backplane material that provides a low resistance path for better distribution of electrical current.

Conductive Top Coat – Translucent conductive material sprayed over the entire surface which allows the electrical current to be distributed to produce light.

Encapsulating Clear – Automotive grade speed clear coat to protect LumiLor from elements, contamination, and ultra-violet (UV) rays. It also encapsulates the electrical current within the LumiLor system to protect from electrical shock and provides a surface for optional Color Top Coat.

Color Top Coat (optional) – The raw color of LumiLor when power is off is similar to a gray primer.

Automotive grade pearl, candy, or over-reduced pigmented colors can be applied over the encapsulating clear coat to produce a desired color when the power is turned on or off.

Artwork can also be applied over LumiLor including hydrographics, spray chrome, airbrush, vinyl wrap, etc.

The lifespan of LumiLor is dependent on how much power is applied and the native LumiLor color used.

More power equals brighter light but a shorter half-life. ‘Half-life’ is not an indication of total useful life. LumiLor will degrade in brightness up to the half-life, and then plateau.

There are documented applications of electroluminescence using materials identical to the main components of LumiLor where the useful life of the product has been measured over 10,000 hours, and in some up to 50,000 hours.

Charging and discharging LumiLor does not affect the half-life. LumiLor only degrades towards its half-life when it is charged.