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About Us

About Us

LumiLor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint that can turn anything into a beautiful light bulb. Just spray it onto anything and illuminate it just like you would illuminate any other light but the difference is that LumiLor is a world class light technology.

LumiLor is premium, safe and efficient. A complete package any enthusiast can ever hope for.

A festival is the soul of every individual because it unites him with his loved ones, friends and relatives. But imagine what would be the feeling like if that happiness is taken onto another level. LumiLor Sprayable Light has just done that.

The Lumilor Frames

Premium LumiLor Frames inspired by the joy of festivals to enhance the loveliness of your home, office or wherever you want to put them.

Contact us for our Premium LumiLor Frames or get one customized according to your preferences. LumiLor Festival Frames will be the center of attraction in every festival. So don’t delay and create a remarkable impression on everyone dear to you.